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Sadie built a team and gave herself a paid maternity leave.

"I took Abbey's program in August of 2018. I quit my full time job in November of 2018 and now I run a Virtual Assistant Agency that supports female entrepreneurs, creatives, and coaches. I have a team of 5 women and am about to hire 3 more team members in August. I got to take a 3 month maternity leave and my business still ran seamlessly and I paid myself consecutively a large salary all while spending precious time with my baby and learning how to be a momma. Abbey's course does work and I am so thankful I found her!"


Kayleigh now runs an OBM and VA agency.

"I can't believe it, y'all! One year. One year ago I quite literally stumbled upon Abbey Ashley and found out about virtual assistant businesses. Now a year later and I run a VA and OBM agency. Like WHAT. I seriously always tell my family I had no clue this is the path I was going down, but HERE WE ARE, SIS! Someone pinch me! Literally living my dream life. Just thought I would post in the group that has helped me in so many ways. Thanks, Virtual Savvy!"


Lynette is fully booked after leaving a 15 year career!

"Leaving my career after 15 years to start my own business as a Virtual Assistant was huge for me. 

I am approaching the one-year anniversary of when I decided to start this journey and I can absolutely 100% assure you that I wouldn't be where I am without this program and the amazing people I've met.  Since starting the Savvy System, I've been fully booked, I've expanded my services, AND now, thanks to all of the education and knowledge sharing, I'm embarking on the next step of my entrepreneurial journey and entering a Director of Operations Program. 

I could go on and on about Abbey, her amazing team and the incredible community she's built, but I'll sum it up here and just say this… Joining this program was THE BEST first decision I made hands down!  There's no way for you to truly know up front all the value that comes along with your financial and mental investment in this program.  Literally, it was THE BEST first decision I made… I hope you make the same choice and if I can help in any way… I am always available.  Love you guys!"


Kelcie is crushing it after only two months!

'Two months!! I've officially been a VA for two months and I have 4 signed clients, another Discovery Call tomorrow and another potential client in the works. Eek!

I'm seriously speechless. Beyond excited and just extremely grateful. This group, this community, of fantastic people, helped push me past the point of my own fears and self-doubt. I was on the fence about purchasing the SavvySystem, but I knew that I had to start somewhere. Then I was so nervous about announcing my new business venture to my family and friends, but I pushed that button and it was off and at that point, I actually started to think, "I can really do this!".

From that point on, I followed all the advice given through the system and I've found success. I've found jobs posted in this group (and elsewhere) by adding VALUE to my proposals and I'm beyond ecstatic by how far I've come in just two short months.

For the other self-doubters in the group, you CAN do this, you WILL do this, KEEP GOING! Trust me, if I can do this, so can you! 😁👏'


Even more wins!

Erin Perkins, Mabely Q


Kiva Slade, The 516 Collaborative


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Featured Boss Club Students

Mikenzie Blessing, The Assist Lab

Manager/Virtual Assistant/ Soon-to-be Co-Owner

| Website | Facebook | Instagram

"The Assist Lab wouldn't have even been a thing had it not been for the SavvySystem. This system gave me the confidence to reach out to people and offer them these services, even though I hadn't had a TON of experience in this field. I started this business knowing that I could do it, I just needed to trust the process and continue to push forward."


Leah Bryant, Leah Bryant Co

Podcast Producer

| WebsiteInstagram

"I wouldn't be where I am today without the SavvySystem. The program helped me have a SOLID foundation to build on. If I went back to do it over again, I would do it the very same way. I see so many people who have come into my industry who didn't have the same start/foundation and they feel lost. I'm so so grateful for finding this program and for diligently putting in the work. THANK YOU SavvySystem!"



Angela Caliver, Angie Assists, LLC



"The SavvySystem has been an amazing resource for all of my questions and support!"




Virginia Chalk, Modern Solutions Virtual Assistants

Moderns Solutions Virtual Assistants


"Reviewing the Savvy Facebook page always offers encouragement and great tips!"




Tamara Chhay, TamaraChhay.com

Insurance & Business Services

Website | Facebook

"The SavvySystem provided insights and knowledge on the steps to hiring a subcontractor and how to have the conversation with your clients."




Brie Chrisman, BC Creative, LLC

CEO & Systems Strategist

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram

"I would not be where I am today without the basic lessons and foundation that I got from the Savvy System. I would probably still be fumbling along trying to find my way OR I would've given up because I would've convinced myself I couldn't do it. ."



Jacqi Dix, Your CEO Solution Co.

Executive Operations Strategist

| Website |

"In the short 2/3 weeks I have been a part of the SavvySystem - It is nice to have the positive supportive cheerleaders along the way. I realize I have been run down and on the verge of burnout."



Katelynn Durbin, Her Humble Hive

Brand & Marketing Strategist

Facebook | Instagram

"The SavvySystem helped me with all the great jobopps, great leadership, great community, and great training! The support, encouragement, feedback, guidance, and resources are all incredible. Any time I feel unsure about something, I can find the answers I need to move me in the right direction."


Lindsey Duvall, The Golden Solution LLC


Website | Facebook

"The SavvySystem has helped me put the tools, systems, and processes in place!."





Julie Gilpin, Gilpin Virtual Solutions

Online Business Manager (OBM)

| Website | Facebook | Instagram

"The SavvySystem helped me know how to land clients and taught me value first."





Kristi Golden, Golden Virtual Strategies

Communications Strategist

Website | Instagram | Facebook

"The SavvySystem definitely gave me the confidence and the tools to put together the offer and services to help close the deal."




Lauren Gray, Gray Virtual Solutions


| Facebook |

"The webinar, "6 Steps to Scaling your Business" with the invitation to The SavvyCircle was so motivating last year. I was able to put systems in place to survive over the last year. "



Kerris Harvey, E-ssistant


Website | LinkedIn

"The change in my mindset and being able to set goals. But also just to be inspired by others who are doing it, who have done it, and by those who are vulnerable to share their struggles with everyone. I'm inspired to grow. Thank you!!!"




Ashley Havecker, Dashboard Collective

Online Business Manager and Dashboard Creator

Instagram | Facebook

"The SavvySystem community and calls have helped me. "





Kelly Hill, Bluewater Virtual Business Soluitons Inc.

Founder & CEO

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

"The SavvySystem has so many good tools, resources, coaches, and members who contribute to the conversation in constructive ways to help me to scale my business with collaborative ideas."



Carmel Hunt ("Carrie"), Hunt Virtual Solutions, LLC

Owner and CEO

| Website |

"The SavvySystem is the reason I am able to do what I love and make money doing it. I love being my own boss and I love being in charge of my own schedule."




Deanna Jensen, Proxy VA


| Website | Instagram | Facebook

"I hit a wall - but the SavvySystem was there to help and answer very quickly. It was everything. Clear and concise step-by-step instructions. Goal setting. Savvy Vault was a game-changer. Amazing support - that just keeps giving. I wouldn't have ever been able to do this without this type of system in place"




Sophia Koulakis Leakas, The Virtual Pixie

Virtual COO

Website | Instagram | Facebook

"The SavvySystem helped me niche and offer a high-end service."





Susie Likovic, Uplevel Assistance, LLC

Uplevel Assistance, LLC

Website | Facebook

"The SavvySystem provides a generous amount of resources, tips, and tools to help kick-start any virtual service-based business. Their supportive online community is my go-to reference source as the business grows."



Rachael McKennon, Bright Spark Writing

Freelance Food Blogger


"I attended a free webinar training that really helped me think about how to earn more from my clients and be smarter with my pricing. I wasn't ready to implement those yet, but I was able to remove some low-quality clients to make room for these bigger ones."



Liz Morris, Liz Morris Virtual Assistant

Operations Business Manager

Website | Facebook | Instagram

"The SavvySystem has helped me with encouragement and feeling connected to others who are making their dreams happen daily. Also, by providing the training at my fingertips when I need to learn a new skill quickly and thoroughly."



Jenna Moser, J Works Virtual Solutions

Virtual Assistant

| Email |

"In just a few months, I will be coming up on my one-year anniversary of starting my VA business. A few months into this new adventure, I stumbled across SavvyCircle. While I was hesitant to join at first (since I just invested a lot of money into becoming certified), I took a leap of faith and signed up for SavvyCircle! I'm so glad I did because not only was I able to quit my corporate job, I am fully booked and have replaced my corporate income - in less than 1 year! I'm not sure I would have gotten even half of those results without the support and guidance of the SavvyCircle team! I will never be able to say THANK YOU enough!"


Jaime Nickerson, J'aime Creative Services

Communications & Marketing Virtual Assistant

Website | Instagram | Facebook

"I wouldn't be where I am without the SavvySystem, community, and team. Having systems in place that I learned through the programs means nothing gets missed and delivering above and beyond for my clients."



Amariah Pinchback, Eagle's Wings Virtual Services LLC

CEO and Founder


"The SavvySystem provided me with tools to help me grow and become the tech-savvy virtual assistant I am today."




Kyle Page-Robinson, The Executive Co

Podcast and Project Management

LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook

"As I always say, I wouldn't be here without the SavvySystem. The information-packed in the course is worth every penny, but the real benefits are in the community."




Dawn Robinson, Women of Collective, The HR Collective

CEO and Founder

| Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn

"I'm finally understanding the beauty of packages and doing fractional work, so I am not trading dollars for hours. SavvyCircle has helped me stay focused and see the value in having an offer that is different and sustainable. Launching my HR side has opened up a way for me to launch other packages and work that I have been wanting to do. I see a full shift to that type of work, and hiring people to do the admin packages in my initial business; so I can focus on the work I love."



Rose Sanders, Penguin Executive Office

Owner, Remote Administrative Assistant

Facebook | Email |

"I feel The Virtual Savvy gives me the courage and support to know the importance of what I do. I support small businesses and I believe professionalism and customer support are key, no matter the size. SavvySystem is key and supports the value in this. I read the stories shared on the Facebook page every day. It helps me to feel like I am in a community. You don't get that when you work at home. It is a wonderful support system."


Olivia Scholz, Olivia Scholz & Associates LLC

Olivia Scholz & Associates LLC

Website | Email |

"Having the SavvySystem income tracker and milestones helps motivate me to achieve much more than when I was tracking on my own!"




Susanne Stewart, Susanne K Solutions


Website | Instagram | Facebook

"The coaching inside the SavvyCircle was invaluable in helping me meet this $5K goal.!"




Jessica Stone, Good Life Virtual Solutions

FB & IG Ad Manager and Funnel Strategist

Website | Instagram | Facebook

"The SavvySystem community and support is phenomenal!"





Amanda Durst Troutman, Focus. Build. Grow., LLC

Online Marketer


"The SavvySystem has helped me with adding clients, raising my rates, learning new skills, meeting new people, and feeling accomplished!"





Jennifer Feeney Wilds, Elite Executive Solutions

Founder + Executive Partner

| Website |

"The SavvySystem helped me with the foundational building blocks that taught me how to show up as an expert.




Angela York, OnPoint Custom Virtual Solutions

Owner and Founder

Website | Facebook | LinkedIn

"Started the SavvySystem in August 2020 after I lost 2/3 of my business to Covid. I was bringing in less than $2000 a month. As I worked through the system and met people I was able to use my skills to reach out to others in my network and landed a new client from #job opp. I slowly climbed the ladder each month bringing in more revenue. In Spring 2021 I started bringing in $5-6K. I was capped, then started subcontracting. In August 2021 I brought in 10K. September I brought in $6500 BUT I was on a 2 week, not working vacation, so this was just for 2 weeks! October I am on track for close to $10K again. Yay! Thank you Rachel and the SS team :)."


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Danita Williams

Danita Precious Williams

So much to love! The education, the support, the comfort in knowing we have each other’s backs! I think the cherry on top of all of this though is we ALL have been taken out of our comfort zones to journey into VA business. A business that has ups and downs and nonetheless we still…


Anna Schlid

I love how supportive everyone is! I know that if I ever have a question or need uplifting there are *now* 50,000 members that have my back.

Results Page Feed (17)

Thais Saenz

Wife and mother of two, working corporate job managing multi-million dollar accounts in the stainless steel manufacturing world supporting amazing franchises. During my maternity leave, I decided to invest in the Savvy’s group after watching my sister in law Kristi Da Silva have tremendous growth. It has been life-changing! I am now able to take…

Leslie-Ann Krupnick

Leslie-Ann Krupnick

Your team has been great helping me navigate through many obstacles and have handled the “not-so-fun” issues like champs. That spoke volumes to me!

Results Page Feed (14)

Melanie Fountian

My name is Melanie Fountain and I am a single mom from California. One year ago I was at a dead-end job I hated where I was trading my time with my daughter for barely more than minimum wage. I was always balancing PTO amounts and missing Kindergarten field trips. When I stumbled across the…


Nina Koniuchowsky

This group has changed my life. It’s given me a community to go to for feedback, resources, inspiration and job opps. Thank you Abbey for creating this special corner of the internet.


Tracie Ysaguire

I stumbled on this group and I have been in here daily! Not just looking for WA ops but learning so much from the other members and comments. I love how much this group engages and offers advice from real life experiences. So much to learn and plenty of opportunity to grow from being a…


Ashley Smith

I’ll give you 3 reasons why I love this community: You show up and show OUT all the time to SERVE us with your amazing NO BS, NO FLUFF content. You allow space for us to connect with others, collaborate with others AND either build our team with the amazing selection of VA’s or increase…


Christina Melgar

The VA Savvies community has honestly CHANGED MY LIFE! The amount of resources on here, job opportunities and exposure to people around the world is amazing. My favorite thing about this group is the outstanding admins. Always staying on top of it to ensure every person feels heard, safe and taken care of. Thank you…


Chelsea Graham

This course is exactly what I needed to take my business from nothing but a dream to a reality. The Virtual Savvy team gives you everything that you need to build a solid foundation and helps with support every step of the way! I definitely would not be where I am without the team and…


Sheree Clay

I love this group because everyone is so supportive…I’m able to ask questions and everyone is so helpful and I get tons of responses. Seeing all the posts from everyone is so encouraging and pushes me to get my business going.

Results Page Feed (22)

Ryann Moore

Before virtual assistance I had been laid off from a job that thought I was sad to leave had been sucking my confidence each and every day. I needed something to instill the confidence I previously had in my abilities to be creative, and get results. This course has done just that. I currently am…


Shannon Foster

I love this community because I have access to endless resources, advice, tips and even greater people who all want to see each other thrive and be successful. Teamwork makes the dream work!


Sabah El-Amin

This community has been an invaluable resource for building my business and a great place to come and learn about some of the latest and greatest apps.


Baraa Tahseen Al-Atiyat

I LOVE all details in the VA Savvies Community, best group to get 100% valuable support, correct information, rich conversation, straight procedures, good opportunities to get jobs and new connections. The best thing I did is when I joined, love you Abbey Lynn Ashley.

Results Page Feed (15)

Lynette Robinson

Leaving my career after 15 years to start my own business as a Virtual Assistant was huge for me. Finding Abbey Ashley/The Virtual Savvy and then choosing to purchase the Ultimate Package, including the Savvy System, Savvy Vault and templates was the next best decision I made. There are a lot of programs to choose…


Tara Matthews

I love the encouragement I find from others success! I also love the fresh job opps always popping up when I am seeking some extra work!  The women and men in here are fantastic people with hearts to serve. There’s always something new to learn and grow on. Very happy to be in this community…

Rebekah Northern

Rebekah Northern

This course is definitely worth it!! I quit my job a month into the course am loving what I’m doing. I was able to move across the country with my love and travel a ton now. I still reference modules and the resources provided within all the time. I don’t regret it! I am thankful…

Results Page Feed (20)

Rebekah Lara

When my virtual assistance business took off suddenly, I needed a resource to help me navigate all the contracts, behind-the-scenes setup, and getting started on the right foot! The SavvySystem provided all those resources and more! I quickly grew from 1 client to being fully booked within one month thanks to all the support and…


Barbara Zajac

This course is a diamond mine of resources. It sparks, ignites, and skyrockets motivation. Well- voiced, great speakers. The group alone is a sole motivational partner in itself, with exclusive job opportunities not to miss.