Tara Payne

I have always wanted to have my own business. After I had my daughter (a 7 year process) I
began seriously looking for ways to spend as much time as I could at home with my family while
still being able to work at my leisure. Most of what I found was either paying too little or
requiring I have a Bachelor’s degree. I consider myself a lifelong learner but was vehemently
opposed to going back to school or paying thousands of dollars for something I didn’t love. I
have done administrative work for over 10 years and consider myself very strong in this area.
When I found out I could start a business using knowledge and skills I already had I began
looking for systems.

The Virtual Savvy system is hands down the best thing I have found to get started quickly and professionally. I was dragging my feet on purchasing it but when COVID-19 hit I realized this was the answer I’d been seeking.So, invested and I haven’t turned back. There’s so many things I love about Abbey and The Savvy System and team. I am forever grateful I found them. If you are looking for a way to make money on your own terms I highly recommend you check this out!