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Jo Chapman

This feels surreal. I’m officially a booked out entrepreneur! 3 days ago I was hopeless at rock bottom in life with no income. I must share with you how this happened, my fellow VAs on this journey- especially all the new Savvies- because this really CAN happen for you too!! I want to give you hope. Everything in your life can change for the better in an instant.

Where do I start? Well, here’s the hook: last week I was jobless, client-less, my unemployment was about to run out, credit cards maxed out, so I was also about to lose my home. But then the universe aligned…
This time a year ago, I was fired. For a job I moved states for. I need to always be productive as I’ve been an EA for 15 years, live and breathe it- so between jobs I decided to take Abbey Lynn Ashley‘s course (over others because she knew her s**t. She’s living it!) I watched her videos religiously, learned the process & best apps, taught myself Squarespace, launched my website (not necessary but it was
fun!), completed all the modules and was just about to start the marketing section when- I took another W2 job. I had to, I was broke. But guess what? Like all awesome entrepreneurs, I got fired again! Because I knew what I was doing, did it better & bosses hate that: and I’m not full of myself- far from- but you MUST know your worth and stick to it…. long story short- bye Felicia. But… while employers hate it, clients LOVE it.

I knew it was a sign so I signed up with some freelance sites, updated my LinkedIn and responded to some requests for VAs… I was worried my $45 per hr rate was too high but I knew my experience warranted it. So I waited. Panicked. I laid down the foundation, reached out to ppl but honestly never thought anything would come of it. Well this week I signed a 40 hr week retainer client after presenting added value (watch Abbey Lynn Ashley ‘s tips). I also had a referral from my biz FB page through a friend for a project, then the groundwork I laid down in January for another potential client just paid off because I’ve signed another retainer client this week.

I’m spinning, I’m grateful, and there was a reason I set up all my systems last year- ready for this moment (Wave, Toggl, Calendly, Zoom, my process & templates). Everything I set up & worked on last year is now being used in real life!

I can’t believe I’m here. I was seriously about to lose eveything, including my home. So if you are doubting yourself, feel trapped by your fears or scared to break free of the W2 situation- KNOW that this is a real possibility. You just have to do the work, prepare, tell everyone- and then BELIEVE.