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Robin Cabana

When I lost my job after almost 20 years with the company, I struggled with figuring out what to
do next. I didn’t want to stay in the same industry and a lot of the positions that interested me seemed like I’d need to get a new degree. Nope. So when I found Abbey’s course, I signed up right away. I wanted to focus on design and social media management, but I didn’t really know anything about running a business. This course was the best investment I made to get started. I learned so much about build a website, pricing my services, marketing my business, and so much more. I had my first client before I finished the course!

I was able to create a business where I worked from home or where ever I wanted, and I had
the flexibility to spend time with family and friends. I even went on a solo trip to Turks and
Caicos, without my laptop. Now, I’m growing my business beyond client services. I’m helping entrepreneurs develop their own branding, and am planning some products and courses. I’m able to do this all because I got started with an amazing foundation.

In addition to all I learned in the course, Abbey, her team, and the SavvySystem community
have been such great resources. There’s always more to learn and I feel like I still have lots of
support in whatever I do.