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VA Biz Checklist
and Starter Kit

Launch your virtual assistant biz today!

Are you ready to get your VA business started?!  You're just one step away from our FREE VA Biz Starter Kit and Checklist.  This kit cuts straight to the point of what you need to do to get started, provides fill in the blank opportunities to collect your biz information, and even gives you resources to do it all.


The Ultimate Swag Bag

Why have only some swag when you could have it all?

If you want all of the free resources listed below, this is your jam. Resources you need to start and grow your Virtual Assistant business, in one complete package.


Objections Guide

for Virtual assistants

what to say when your partner has hesitations about starting your own business.

Top Tips Ebook

An updated edition of Top Tips from Successful Virtual Assistants. Want to get access to the free guide?


Personal Outreach


Ready to get your first client? You've created a business, or at least a business idea, and now you are stuck with that daunting question… HOW DO I GET CLIENTS!?

Discover Your Niche Workbook

The best way to increase your virtual assistant rates is by niching down by industry or service. Use this workbook to discover your ideal niche.


101 Services To Offer As A

Virtual Assistant

Want to start a VA business, but aren't sure where to begin? Here's 101 Services to Offer as a Virtual Assistant. Check out what the most marketable skills are in our current market, so you can start getting clients!

Create Irresistible Freebies

Get access to the same worksheet I use each time that I create a new opt-in. Creating freebie offers that are irresistible is the way that I gained over 1,000 email subscribers in three months (without a website!). How many VA clients could you gain with 1000 new email subscribers? Let's find out!


75 Blog Ideas EBook

Never run out of ideas for your blog again! Here are 75 ideas to spark awesome ideas and get your creative juices flowing. Get to writing the perfect blog post!