Tools and training for you to build
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The SavvySystem

The step-by-step virtual assistant training program that takes you from start-up to sold out in your at-home business.

The VA Toolbox

The contracts and templates you need to legally cover your business.



It's a collection of 50+ trainings made by experienced VAs to teach you the industry and tech skills you need to succeed.

Complete Client Onboarding System

✧ Step by Step Checklist for Onboarding Your Client Successfully

✧ Client Onboarding Trello Board Template

✧ Client Onboarding Email Template

✧ A Comprehensive List of Abbey's Favorite Client Management Systems, Apps, and More!

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The SavvyShop

Merch for VAs and Freelancers! You'll find everything from apparel to office prints with virtual assistance specifically in mind.