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Melanie Fountian

My name is Melanie Fountain and I am a single mom from California. One year ago I was at a
dead-end job I hated where I was trading my time with my daughter for barely more than
minimum wage. I was always balancing PTO amounts and missing Kindergarten field trips.
When I stumbled across the SavvySystem (The VA Bootcamp at the time), I KNEW this was
exactly what I was looking for.

I soon ingested every freebie, YouTube video, checklist, etc. before I knew it was time to take
the leap, invest in the course, and start my career as a Virtual Assistant.
This investment was the biggest and scariest I had ever made in my life, but little did I know it
would be THE BEST investment ever.

Within 4 months I had put in the notice to my job that I was leaving, and by May 2019 I was
working full-time as a Virtual Assistant without ever looking back.

A year later I am still working full-time as a Blog and Pinterest Strategist, almost always
completely booked with clients, and allowing myself to be involved in as many things with my
daughter as I can, while working towards the life I’ve always dreamed.

Abbey, Rachel, Becki, and the rest of the gang at The Virtual Savvy have been nothing short of
INCREDIBLE during this journey, and I continue to attend accountability calls, live sessions I’ve
already attended, and the private SAVVYSYSTEM COMMUNITY just to hang out and be apart
of this amazing community that has helped me in so many ways. I not only thank them for
creating this amazing course, but for their undying support, sense of community, and friendship.
Thank you to The Virtual Savvy. My life is forever changed in the best way.