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Lynette Robinson

Leaving my career after 15 years to start my own business as a Virtual Assistant was huge for me. Finding Abbey Ashley/The Virtual Savvy and then choosing to purchase the Ultimate Package, including the Savvy System, Savvy Vault and templates was the next best decision I made. There are a lot of programs to choose from, but I found that by moving forward with Abbey, I gained so much more than I initially expected:

I got an amazing blueprint to follow to start and sustain your own business.

I got an incredible community (the Facebook Groups) where I found the best accountability partner, in addition to a safe and brave space where I could share my wins, lessons and get advise whenever I needed it. It feels great to support and encourage others who are on the same journey as me, while learning and getting best practices from those who have traveled the same road I’m on.

OMG… The HotSeats, Tech it Outs, Expert Guests, and I love when we get live sessions with Abbey herself!

Last, but certainly not least, Abbey’s incredible team, RACHEL(!) Melissa, Katie, Emily, Diana, (I know I forgot someone… forgive me please)! The support I’ve gotten from everyone behind the scenes … I just can’t put a value on it.

I am approaching the one-year anniversary of when I decided to start this journey and I can absolutely 100% assure you that I wouldn’t be where I am without this program and the amazing people I’ve met. Since starting the Savvy System, I’ve been fully booked, I’ve expanded my services, AND now, thanks to all of the education and knowledge sharing, I’m embarking on the next step of my entrepreneurial journey and entering a Director of Operations Program. I could go on and on about Abbey, her amazing team and the incredible community she’s built, but I’ll sum it up here and just say this… Joining this program was THE BEST first decision I made hands down! There’s no way for you to truly know upfront all the value that comes along with your financial and mental investment in this program. Literally, it was THE BEST first decision I made… I hope you make the same choice and if I can help in any way… I am always available. Love you guys!