Perfect Your Pitch in Seven Steps

Selling your service or product is not always an easy task. It starts by beginning a casual conversation with someone and before you know it, you are asked, “So what is it that you do?”

In order to be best prepared for such an event, perfecting your elevator pitch is vital.

How do you tell a person who you are and what you do, in 30-45 seconds?

Here is a basic exercise to help you prepare your elevator speech.

Grab a pen, some coffee and schedule out a block of time in your week to perfect your speech using these seven easy steps:

Step One: Grab some paper

Grab a blank piece of paper and write at the top “What I Do”. Write down your main services, what you want to convey about yourself, information about your products and your company in general.

What are the goals for your company?

Who are your ideal clients?

What makes you stand out against the rest?

Step Two: Grab a highlighter

Now, take a highlighter and highlight only those areas that truly stand out, are very impressive or are really what you want to convey to potential clients about your company and services.

Step Three: Grab some index cards

Grab 5 Index cards and write on the top, “My mission”, “My services”, “My goals”, “How I work”, and “Why I do it”.

Take your highlighted items and categorize them under each index card. Try to make these into complete sentences when adding them to the cards.

Step Four: Organize

Put your cards in order, based off of how you would naturally introduce yourself and your company. What do you want your potential client to walk away knowing?

Step Five: Grab a fact

It’s best to start out your speech with an interesting fact about you or your company, or a statistic that is relevant to your audience. This will be the “attention-getter” that will draw people into your pitch.

Step Six: Grab a friend

It’s time to practice your speech. Grab a friend or coworker who you know will give you constructive criticism. Practice your speech a few times, while having your friend take notes and time you. Remember, your pitch should be no longer than 30-45 seconds!

Step Seven: Do it!

The best way to perfect your elevator speech is to get out and DO IT! Go to a networking event and utilize the opportunity to practice the speech you have been working on. Practice makes perfect!

Good on the networking tips now? Awesome! Next, download this guide with top tips from successful VA’s. You’ll be feeling like a pro in no time.


Do you already have your pitch? What is it? If not, share with us what your goals are for your company!

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