Your Mom is the Only One Reading Your Newsletter

Wonder how to get people to read your newsletter?

You spend countless hours drafting the perfect newsletter. Your content is well-researched and you know it is going to change the way people do business.

Click. Campaign SENT!

What a great feeling! You should feel proud of yourself.

Don’t you HATE it when two weeks later, you look at your open percentage rate and THREE percent even opened your email?

Of course, two of the people were you and your mom…  *Sigh*

IS there a way to get people to actually open your emails so they can read the amazing content you have created?

The answer is YES!

Check out these 5 tips for getting your emails read.


Ask yourself, would YOU click on your email if it showed up in your inbox? If the answer is no, your email subject line is probably boring. If your headline reads like every other headline, no one is going to open your email. Be bold and show personality. Take a risk or be silly. If your email requires a second glance, it is more likely to get opened.


If your promo “ends today”, a reader won’t wait until tomorrow to read about it. This rule cannot always be used, but an occasional goal should be to compel the reader to keep reading so they don’t miss out.


Most people get hundreds of emails a week in their inbox. They are quickly scanning subject lines to see if the email is worth opening. Keep your subject line to 50 characters or fewer to be most effective.


Subscribe to email lists from people you admire for their marketing abilities. What subject lines are they using and how can you imitate them?


The English language is a powerful tool! Use it to your benefit by using power words in your subject line.

Need a list of the best power words to use in your subject headings? Check out this AWESOME list from Writtent. On average, only 8 out of 10 people read subject headlines and only 2 out of 10 people will click through and read your email.


What will you do to get your emails read?

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