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Want to learn how to create awesome graphics for you blog or social media?

Creating captivating images is a key way to draw in your audience. Visual imagery has a way of speaking beyond words. In fact:

Researchers have found that colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%. (Source)

Want to create captivating content? Pair it with visually appealing graphics and you have already won half the battle!

When creating a captivating image, you’ll need to start with a background. Here are some different background variations you can use when creating imagery:



Use a solid background to make a quote stand out or to highlight a few keywords. Use similar colors or contrasting colors for varied effect.

how to create awesome graphics


how to create awesome graphics



Creating a unique look or feel can be accomplished with a patterned background. Get creative here. There are lots of backgrounds to choose from in image creators like Canva – but feel free to create your own as well!

how to create awesome graphics


how to create awesome graphics



Grab the attention of your audience quickly by using an image as your background. You can use different techniques with your image, like creating a transparent overlay for your text or blurring the image.


how to create awesome graphics


how to create awesome graphics



When creating an image, you want your text to be clear. Placing the text directly over an image is not a good idea (unless there is a drastic contrast between the coloring). One way to avoid this is to find images that already havebuilt-in copy space, which is blank space within the image.


how to create awesome graphics


how to create awesome graphics



I hope that these background design tips inspire you to take your visual marketing and creativity to the next level!


how to create awesome graphics



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  1. Baxter Cribbs on September 20, 2016 at 4:27 am

    I use canva also – I use the free version and my phone camera to do some pics and other I borrow. thanks for the tips

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