Ready to work remotely while making a difference? 

You’re in the right place!


In just a few short years The Virtual Savvy has propelled itself in the online space as the premier location to learn how to become a Virtual Assistant (VA).  With a proven track record and excellent customer service, potential VAs from all over the world come to The Virtual Savvy to learn how to start, grow, and scale their own businesses.  

Are you ready to be part of a team that is driven to help others succeed?  Check out these six areas that make working at The Virtual Savvy the best place to be.

    1. Make a difference.  Use your strengths to make a difference within the company and in the lives of others.  No corporate squashing going on here. We encourage outside the box thinking and team input.  We want to celebrate your professional successes as well, which is why every team member has the potential for quarterly bonuses and incentives. 
    2. Flexibility. Want to have the flexibility to work from home? The Virtual Savvy team works 100% remotely. While there will be meetings throughout the week at scheduled times, you have a lot of flexibility in your working hours and weekly schedule.
    3. Independence.  We are an outcome-driven company. What does that mean? While we do have Standard Operating Procedures, we are much more focused on getting the job done than how it gets done. If you have a better system, we want to hear it! Micromanaging is not our style, so if you like to get work done with the independence of choosing the best way to accomplish it, The Virtual Savvy may be for you! 
    4. Connection.  We are more than a team here at The Virtual Savvy, we are a family.  We have weekly team meetings where we want to hear about YOU and how your week has been. We want to connect with you, get to know you, & support you in business and life.  Here you are not just another name on a timesheet. 
    5. Personal Growth. We are deeply invested in your personal growth as an individual and leader. The Virtual Savvy will provide training and support in your area of expertise to help you grow and develop.
    6. Competitive Salary & Benefits. As The Virtual Savvy has grown, so has our ability to provide a great salary and benefits to our employees.  Some of those benefits include a monthly book allowance, quarterly educational assistance, & health, dental, & vision insurance.

Something that is crazy important to us is our company culture and value system.  We have spent the last few years forming a team of seven amazing individuals who all embody the same ideals in culture and values.

  • We serve first!
  • We practice irrational generosity.
  • We respect all people at all times.
  • We value action over perfection.
  • We creatively carve our own path.

Our team is the number one asset that the company has. Everyone is all in and gives their absolute best.  A few things we are looking in for a team member:

  1. Someone Who Understands Their Role – We try to be very clear on what the job entails but if there is any question, that person needs to step up.  Additionally, ownership of their responsibilities is of the utmost importance.
  2. Embrace Collaboration – We feel this company is as successful as it is because we come together and collaborate.  If you are fueled by working in a team’s strengths, talents, and positive energy, this could be a place for you.
  3. Hold Themselves Accountable – No one is ever perfect and this position is entirely remote.  We are looking for someone who is aware of their strengths and weaknesses and can display personal responsibility.  Each team member plays a part in deciding whether the team will be dysfunctional, functional, or high-performing.  Currently, we describe this company as high-performing, can you contribute to this?
  4. Committed to the Team – At a fundamental level, every team needs competent and committed members.  As a leader, you must be prepared to identify and appropriately address any obstacles related to skills or job performance. When others need help you would be willing to assist with a positive and compassionate manner.
  5. Flexible – There will be challenges!  We are looking for someone to be able to flex on time and position.  You have a specific job title but if there is a need to support in another area, you would be willing to help out. Additionally, conflict is inevitable.  Handling conflict with maturity and grace leads to optimal solutions.
  6. Optimistic and Future-Focused – Looking for a high-level player who will keep the vision of the company in mind for all decisions. Needs to be strategic and anticipate the actions they can take to add value to the company. Keep customers’ needs always at the forefront of the mind.
  7. Back-Up Goals with Action – We at TVS are very goal-driven.  You must be able to evaluate self and job role to create and execute on goals effectively. You must be able to stay focused and driven to attain the goals identified.
  8. Positive Attitude -Maintaining a positive attitude even during stressful times helps the rest of the teamwork through that difficult time without getting upset. Your positive attitude along with showing kindness and grace will create a better atmosphere.

If all of this resonates with you, then you could be the next team member of The Virtual Savvy!


Due to our payroll process, all applicants must be located in the US.

These are remote Employee positions.  We totally get that many of you want to work on a contract basis and that is awesome and encouraged, just not the right fit for what we are needing in our business right now.

We are hiring for the following position:



The primary responsibility of the Outreach director is to create, develop, and implement public relations and outreach strategies and campaigns. They will prepare and facilitate outreach materials as well as research and follow up with potential partners. The Outreach Director should have a creative mind and excellent communication skills and project management abilities. 


The Outreach Director will be responsible for (but not limited to):

Podcast Outreach 

  • Researching potential podcasts.
  • Pitching podcasts that could feature TVS/the CEO.
  • Assisting CEO with outreach (gathering important information)
  • Follow up with potential podcast partnerships.
  • Managing established relationships. 

Public Relations: Online. TV and Print Media Outreach 

  • Develop PR campaigns and media relations strategies
  • Collaborate with internal teams (e.g. marketing) and maintain open communication with senior management
  • Edit and update PR material as needed
  • Seek opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships, and advertising
  • Address and seek out inquiries from the media and other parties
  • Track media coverage and follow industry trends
  • Prepare and submit PR reports
  • Manage PR issues

Guest Blog and Backlink Outreach

  • Research Guest Blog and Backlink Opportunities
  • Create an outreach system for getting featured on guest blogs / backlinks
  • Follow up with potential guest blog / backlink opportunities
  • Facilitate the fulfillment of guest blog production and promotion
  • Create reports and fulfill KPI requirements for outreach

JV Partner Outreach

  • Research JV Partner Opportunities
  • Meet with potential JV Partners to gauge interest
  • Create an outreach system for obtaining JV Partners
  • Follow up with potential JV Partner opportunities
  • Facilitate the fulfillment of JV Partnership production and promotion
  • Create reports and fulfill KPI requirements for JV Partner outreach

Affiliate Management

  • Maintain a database of all affiliates that we promote
  • Look for opportunities to promote the affiliates we promote
  • Maintain relationships with the Student and JV Partners
  • Create systems for outreach and follow up with current Partners
  • Create and update all materials for JV Partners
  • Aid in the set-up and facilitation of all JV Partnerships and collaborations 
  • Create and maintain affiliate payout records and make payments according to records



  • Excellent time management skills and a self-starter. A strong ability to manage time while multitasking on various projects and day to day needs. Understands the priority of meeting deadlines and can effectively do this in an efficient and attentive way.
  • Increase overall revenue through strategic partnerships and outreach
  • Spearhead all public relations in order to move the company vision forward



  • Experience with public relations and / or affiliate marketing preferred. 
  • Ability to create systems for outreach and follow up campaigns. 
  • Understand how to measure the success of PR campaigns.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills (will be doing video calls with potential partners). 
  • Highly detailed and organized, with exceptional problem-solving abilities.
  • Independent, self-starter who executes tasks on time, every time.
  • Tech-savvy. Comfortable with tech software and willingness to adapt and learn new software quickly.
  • Proficient in or ability to learn WordPress, Canva/Photoshop, Tailwind, Leadpages, Convertkit, Zapier, ClickUp, SamCart, and Slack.
  • Loyal, team player, hardworking, and comfortable in a fast-paced, small-business environment where priorities can change quickly.
  • Available to attend daily, weekly, and monthly Team meetings.
  • Available to work Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM Central.


This job description is not all-inclusive and certain activities, duties, or responsibilities may be required of the employee as needed.



If this sounds like your dream job and you would love to be considered for this role, fill out this FORM by midnight, Sunday, September 13th. No applications will be accepted after this date.