What is The VA Bootcamp?

What is The VA Bootcamp?

The VA Bootcamp is The Virtual Savvy’s signature program that teaches YOU how to create and grow your own profitable Virtual Assistant business from scratch.

With today’s world, it has never been easier to start your own at-home business as a Virtual Assistant.

How would it feel to be making 5K-10K per month, working on YOUR terms?

I’m talking creating your own schedule, charging what you’re worth, and reporting to no one other than yourself.

  • If you feel like taking Friday or Monday off, take off!
  • If you feel like going to the zoo with the kids in the middle of the week – go!
  • If you want to get a pedicure while working on your laptop – that opportunity is all yours.


Two words: Virtual Assistance.


Imagine your life 6 months from now:

You are running your very own successful business.

You are working on YOUR terms – not someone else’s.

You are working hours that work for YOU – not 9-5 every single weekday.

Every effort you contribute goes to YOUR bottom line – not a C-level Executive’s. 

You don’t have to worry about how the bills are going to get paid, because you are regularly making 5K in your business!

Maybe this all sounds so great, but you aren’t sure where to begin.

There is SO MUCH information about how to start your own business out there – and let’s face it, a ton of that information is outdated or not great.

You could spend months researching how to start your own business…

  • What services should I offer?
  • What should my name be?
  • How do I brand my own business?
  • How do I set up a website?
  • What am I responsible for legally?
  • How do I package those services?
  • What price should I charge?
  • How do I sign and negotiate contracts?
  • Where do I find my first client?
  • How do I keep the clients coming?
  • How do I develop a strong and consistent marketing plan?
  • …. and so much more!

Here’s the thing – Ain’t nobody got time for that!


You’re busy. You have questions, and you need answers… fast. Life’s too short to try to go it alone.

I know you want to launch your business, and launch it NOW. (In fact, you need these answers, like, yesterday.)

You need to start making money for you and your family. The most difficult part of running your own business is knowing how to START.

But here’s the good news:

I’ve successfully helped launch and grow Virtual Assistant businesses across the country, and I’ve developed my expertise into an easy-to-follow course for you.

(Hint: it’s The VA Bootcamp.) 

No more confusion about what you should do.

No more frustration with researching for hours with no answers.

No more giving up and eating an entire plate of brownies in the corner by yourself in exhaustion.

Only a step-by-step plan.

And a proven method that WORKS.

It’s the same method I used to launch my virtual assistant business and sell out my services within two months. It’s the method I used to have four subcontractors working under me so I could make money while I was out playing with my kids.

Are you ready to own a business where you are in the driver’s seat?


I’ve spent hundreds of hours putting together this course material for you. There are 12 modules, with extra trainings frequently added in.

I filmed a 5-minute peek inside The VA Bootcamp,
which you can watch here:

Here is what you’ll learn in each module:


I know what it’s like to show up every day at a job you hate. I know what it’s like to stay at home with the kids, but secretly wish you could be working from home too. What if I told you that there is a way that you can make money from home, on your hours and on YOUR terms?

I’ll show you the basic structure of how to build your virtual assistant business from scratch with the “Launch From Scratch Blueprint.”


You have something unique to offer. One of the most difficult parts of establishing your VA business is realizing that you have value to offer. Yes – I’m talking to you. Do you really believe that people will pay you $30, $40, even $60+ per hour for your unique skills?

In this module, we will break down your experience and discover what unique skills you have to offer as a virtual assistant. I’ll show you what marketable skills should be next on your list to develop.


There are 1,000 different ways to package your services as a Virtual Assistant. Which way should you choose? Should you charge by the hour? By the project? Will you work on a retainer? What the heck is working on a retainer, anyways?

We’ll work together to package and price your services in a way that is competitive to the market, suited for your skill-set, and structured to generate consistent monthly income.


From the start of your business, you’ll want to develop a solid brand that will reflect your business. What will you call yourself? What colors will represent your biz? Should you have a logo?

I’ll answer these questions and more as we work together to develop a solid and recognizable brand for your business.


Systems work. Developing a system that is clear to you and your clients will help you streamline your processes and appear more professional.

During this module, we will develop a portfolio and welcome packet for your clients. We will discover what the best way is for you to interact and work through projects.

This is the true “nuts and bolts” of the business that you’re not going to find from reading countless, outdated blog posts! Let’s systemize your VA Biz!


Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems. But not if you handle it well.

In this lesson, we will set up your bookkeeping method to decide what the best process is for you to invoice your clients and receive payments. We’ll also answer all your questions about paying taxes as an independent contractor.


Let’s get your butt covered. Legally, that is.

I want to make sure that you are covered in your contracts and know your legal rights as a Virtual Assistant. We’ll establish your contracts and answer your questions about negotiations and alterations to your contracts.


One of the biggest hurdles you will cross in your virtual assistant business is landing your first client. It’s scary. What will they think? What questions will they ask? Where do I even find my first client?

By the end of this lesson, you WILL have your first paying client. Guaranteed.


What is web development doing way down here on the list? Shouldn’t my website be my first step?

Developing a website is a very important part of your business. However, I’ve found that most of my clients want to wait until they have their first client (and are comfortable they can replicate that process) before building up their site.

In this lesson, I’ll show you the various options for the design and development of your site, so you can make the choice that is best for you and your business.


In this module, you’ll learn how to choose your dream clients and pitch them a service that is irresistible. Start landing clients at $50+ per hour or for high value packages.

Ready to land your dream client? I’ll show you how!


As a solo virtual assistant, you can make 5k+ in your business, depending on the hours you work and the rates you set. But what if you could be making money when you’re NOT in front of the computer? What if you could be bringing in hourly income and pleasing your clients, while you are at a park or a birthday party with your kids?

In this lesson, I’ll show you how to skyrocket your productivity with the power of outsourcing and subcontracting.


Once you’ve completed the VA Bootcamp, you’ll have a virtual assistant business that you can be proud of. You’ll be working on your own terms doing the work that you love to do.

We’ll set you up to have continued accountability and support in this final lesson, so you can continue to grow your business beyond the course.


  • Lifetime Access to the course (Unlimited Value!) AND Lifetime Access to the Mastermind Community ($2000+ Value)

Don’t worry about having to finish the course right away or falling off the wagon. You get instant and UNLIMITED LIFETIME access to The VA Bootcamp and Mastermind Membership Community.

  • Monthly Deep Dive Coaching Calls ($5000+ Value) AND Monthly Hotseat Sessions with Members of The VA Bootcamp ($5000+ Value)

As a member of the VA Bootcamp, you get LIFETIME access to our online mastermind community, where we have live trainings twice a month to keep you growing in your business. Every month, we choose one student for a “Hotseat Session” to ask anything you need help with in your business. We also have a monthly “Deep Dive” session where we dive into a topic that will help you grow your business that month.

  • The VA Toolbox and Mock Portfolio Template ($997 Value)

Make sure your business is legally covered. You’ll get access to all of the contracts and templates you need to keep your business legal in The VA Toolbox.

  • Proposal Reviews

Submit unlimited client proposals to The Virtual Savvy team, and receive feedback, encouragement, and advice from one of our team members to help you add value and land clients faster!

  • The Ultimate VA Marketing Plan ($1000 Value)

Every member of The VA Bootcamp will receive access to my Ultimate VA Marketing plan, which is your step-by-step guide to selling out your virtual assistant services. You’ll know what to do every day to get your business in front of the right clients so you can sell out your services with this step-by-step marketing blueprint.


  1. You’ve decided you’re ready to leap into entrepreneurship and leave the corporate 9-5. You’re ready to put your skills and experience to use and be your own boss.
  2. Stay at home mom life is tough. You know you want to bring some income in for your family, but you need something you can do on YOUR time.
  3. You’ve started your own VA biz, but you’re all over the place. You have no specific structure, branding, or website in place, and the clients are just not coming.

My 30-Day NO EXCUSES Guarantee –

I GUARANTEE the VA Bootcamp will WORK for your business. Yep. I am so convinced that you will LOVE the program that I’ll give you your money back if you don’t. If you truly commit to the program, show me proof of the work that you’ve done, and don’t see results you love within 30 days of purchase I will give you a 100% refund.


What are you waiting for?
You can create the future of your dreams starting now!
Click here to enroll.

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Have you taken The VA Bootcamp? If yes, what do you love about it? If no, what’s stopping you?

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