DeAnna Williams

I just want to say THE SYSTEM is working for me! I fell behind in the lessons but have continued to chip away at it as much as I can at every opportunity. It’s actually fun going through the lessons – totally unexpected, so THANK YOU! Your recommendation to go thru and COMPLETE each lesson before proceeding to the next is INVALUABLE advice because I see my business being built in real time before my eyes. I’m building momentum. At this writing, I’m about 20% into the lessons. Surprisingly at about 90% complete for my October goals!

I am really amazed that when you said having the steps in place virtually eliminate the worry, confusion and fear out of starting a VA business – you were/ARE RIGHT! That alone makes THE SYSTEM worth every penny. In short, INTEGRITY is everything. I have attempted doing this on my own [in isolation] a number of times but would chicken-out because I didn’t trust that the information I searched on the world-wide-web was reliable. There were so many sites that were questionable I would stop in my tracks and another few years would go by before I would broach the subject and try again. I took a chance on THE VIRTUAL SAVVIES because of the guidance at every step; the consistent [weekly] web training; the lessons that walk you through each process; doing it at my own pace; access to the team and their response time when I have questions; the vast amount of resources available to members and how generous they have been with me.

Lastly, now that the fear is gone – I’m looking forward to actualizing my virtual business – finally!