Hey hey! We are so excited to have you as a part of The VA Savvies Facebook community. This is a place where you can learn from other VAs, ask questions, and share your roadblocks and victories. You'll find that this is an incredibly kind and supportive community. We've actually worked VERY hard to make it that way. For this reason, we have created Group Rules to make sure that this large but tight-knit community stays a positive place. With that said, let's jump into the Group Rules that keep this community awesome:


This is not a group to promote your services or to find clients. This is a unique community where we focus on serving and supporting one another. No self-promo means:


*** No posting or promoting links to your own services, trainings, webinars, groups, blog posts, resources, or website unless asking for specific feedback or responding to a #jobopp. 

*** Asking for feedback should be specific. "Look at my website, what do you think?" is not specific. Any links to your site or assets should be done only when asking for specific feedback. Market research is not specific and is considered self-promo.

*** No posting affiliate links at all. 

*** Private Messaging any members of the group is not allowed unless specifically asked to do so. Do not PM someone without their permission. If you are reported doing this, you will be removed from the group. 

*** No posting "free offers". Even under the best intentions, these will be deleted. 

*** Any posts, blogs, polls, or comments that are specifically targeted to sell your own products, services or your client's products or services to the group will be removed. 

*** No going LIVE in the VA Savvies Facebook Group without express permission from an Admin.

*** Let's get real. We know there are other people who teach / mentor virtual assistants. If your only goal in this group is to get clients for your own VA Training program, that's a little shady, boo. However, if you want to be here and provide value, form true relationships and support the VA culture in general - that's amazing. This can be a grey area. Please treat my group like you would want yours to be treated : ) The ONLY exception to our "No Promo" rule is if it is in a comment to a #jobopp post. We will allow you to share your website, provide value, and/or share your services with those who are looking to hire a virtual assistant. 


One of the INCREDIBLE advantages to being a part of The VA Savvies Community is that we and other members regularly will post job opportunities in the group with the hashtag #jobopp. To keep this opportunity helpful to the community - we ask that you:

*** Do not PM the individual posting the #jobopp unless it asked that you do so.

*** Do not POST job opportunities that are "work for free" or "unpaid internships". The only time we will allow unpaid internship posts is if it is an actual internship with pay and/or college credit. We will allow barter posts (exchanging your services for another's services of equal value). Please use the hashtag #barter for these posts. 

*** Any #jobopp posted in this group is private information. Do not post these job opportunities in other groups, on other websites, or share via email without permission.

***The VAs in this group are incredibly talented and valuable. They also know their worth! We want you to understand that most VAs in this group set their starting rates at $30+ per hour. To uphold the quality of the job opportunities in this group we will remove any job opportunities that we see have a budget below $10 per hour. 

We are not responsible for business dealings and connections that happen inside or outside of the group. We recommend you always do research, do your homework and protect yourself with contracts, second opinions and legal documents.

*** Follow the provided #jobopp format.  If you are posting a #jobopp then both you and the potential VA needs to get the most out of the post.  In a group this size, there could be a lot of interpretation.  By providing the following information, it will save both you and the VA a lot of time.

1.  Include #jobopp

2.  Your name.

3.  How do you want the VA to respond to this post: email, PM, provide link in comments, etc.?

4.  Your Company.

5.  Your Blog, Podcast, Socials, and/or Web address.

6. What type of tasks you are looking for a VA to help you with?

7.  Approximate amount of hours per week that you would like assistance or if it's a one time project.

8.  Anything else that a VA should know about you or your business.

***Rate is determined by agreement/negotiation between contractor and VA. There is not a minimum wage for contractors, and we are unable to regulate that here inside the group.

***Any jobopp that requests a specific race, nationality, gender, or religion, will not be allowed. We are here to provide equal opportunities to all.

***Please keep in mind that there are members inside our group from all around the world, and the rate of pay varies for everyone. If you see a #jobopp post that doesn’t interest you, please keep scrolling. Always remember, to BE NICE!


If we see any comments or posts asking individuals to PM you to find out more info about what you offer or how to work with you - these posts will be deleted and you may be removed from the group.  A request for feedback is not an invitation for someone to PM you or to promote your services. Please ask for SPECIFIC feedback when posting for feedback and use the hashtag #feedback.  The ONLY exception to this is for our #jobopp posts. If someone asks you to PM them for a Virtual Assistant #jobopp, we are cool with that : ) 


If you have a support issue PLEASE DO NOT PM US OR POST IN THE GROUP ABOUT YOUR SUPPORT ISSUE. If you PM us, your message will likely end up in our "Message Requests" folder and we will never even see it. For support questions, please email [email protected] 

Was your post deleted or were you removed from the group? Most likely you broke the rules. Email us for clarification, if needed.  If you want to know if you can post something in the group (and you are using it as a way of growing your business) the answer will almost 100% be no. We can only conclude that you are trying to hide something if you are blocking an admin or ambassador. Just don't do it! Ask your questions in the group if it can be answered by the community. If you have questions specifically for The Virtual Savvy team, you can reach us directly at [email protected]. We are here to help!


We've created a dandy little Hashtag system to help you get the most out of this group and to easily search for what YOU are looking for. To help yourself and the group out, use the following hashtags in your post:

#jobopp - When you are posting a job opportunity.

#barter - When you want to barter services with someone. We will allow barter posts (exchanging your services for another’s services of equal value).

#celebrate - Post your wins! We want to celebrate with you!

#ask - When you have questions that need answering. Remember, the question "Are you looking for a VA?" is a self-promo... NOT a question ❤️

#feedback - When you want someone to review a specific asset you have created. Yes, you may ask for feedback on your packages, portfolio, website, etc if you are asking for specific feedback - not just posting to promote yourself!

#resource - This is not your thing, your client's thing, or an affiliate link. It's just a helpful piece of information you found that you want to share with the group.


While we saved it for the end, this is actually our TOP rule for the community. We are an overly positive community and we have a "one strike, you're out" for unkindness. We literally just won't accept it. This also pertains to any comment that may be interpreted as racist, sexist, homophobic, or attacking any one person or people group as a whole. We steer clear of offensive religious or political posts in the group. Be nice to everyone. If you have a rude comment or unkind post, especially geared toward one individual - your post will be removed and you will immediately be blocked from the group. If you are unhappy with the way a post or comment has been worded (due to offense) please report the post. It's the fastest way to reach us. 

You'll learn quick that this is more than a group. It's a family. We work hard to protect that family.

The Virtual Savvy reserves the right to delete comments or posts or to remove members found in violation of our community guidelines at any time with no prior warning.

Thanks for taking the time to read our rules. I'm telling you - you are going to LOVE this group. 

Head on over to The VA Savvies Community. We are excited to get to know you!