Your UNIQUE VA personality type is...

The Socialite

You might be a solopreneur, but you LOVE people and encouraging them. You're like a digital cheerleader and your mouse is your pom poms.


Make sure you schedule time in your day to respond to social comments or you might end up chatting ALL day.


Offer This Service

  • Basic Virtual Assistance
  • Community Management
  • Social Media Management
  • YouTube Manager
  • Blog Management
  • Client Onboarding Specialist

Level Up


Tips To Grow...

In Your Field

Create Looms for people to show off your fun personality and to give you a reason to show your gorgeous face.

In Your Pitfall

Try building time blocks in a Google calendar! Be specific about whihc portion of your day will be devoted to what types of tasks. Don't forget social breaks or a lunches with friends!

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