Your UNIQUE VA personality type is...

The Expert

You feel like you need to know all the things. All. The. Things ... about everything. And you tend to then master those things.


Learning is wonderful, but careful not to rabbit trail. Set boundaries around your research time. It's ok to outsource even though we know you could probably figure out how to do it yourself.


Offer This Service

  • Course Creation Specialist
  • SEO Auditor
  • Paid Ads Specialist
  • Live Webinar Support
  • Email Marketing Setup Specialist
  • Click-Up Expert
  • Website Expert (Advanced)
  • Funnel Expert (Advanced)
  • Chief Tech Officer (Advanced)

Tips To Grow...

In Your Field

Try sampling all 70 of the SavvyVault courses. Learn it all. Be the fabulous expert you are!


In Your Pitfall

Don't wait to get the "perfect" system. Action over perfection! You can always tweak the system later. Build your starter Tech Stack and get to work.

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