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The 6 Part Framework for reaching 10k Months in your Virtual Assistant business

For every VA asking, “how can I make $10K months when I’m already fully booked and on the brim of burn-out?” I hear you...

After helping 1000’s of VAs launch, grow, and scale their businesses for over 5 years, I know at least one of these statements is true about you...

#1 You’re stuck in your business.

You’re booked out, working with your dream clients but spending so much time serving them that you don’t have any capacity left to think about growing your business.

#2 You can’t find people to help you.

“Just outsource,” they say. Sure, but what would you even outsource? The thought of handing work off is scarier (and more work) than just doing it yourself. Plus, who would you even hire to come and help you? Wouldn’t that just dig into your overall profit? 

#3 You’re burned-out.

You want to grow, but you’re tired! You’ve been sticking it out on the hustle-hamster wheel, and realize this “freedom lifestyle” you signed up for IS free… but also exhausting. And the idea of a real, totally unplugged? That’s out of the question!

You’ve read all the blogs, listened to all the podcasts, and signed up for every freebie you could get your hands on...but you’re still stuck.

You can’t seem to crack the code on how to get to that 6 figure mark in your VA business...

How to build the business of your dreams, without the constant hustle and grind, and actually be able to step away from work without having your business constantly rotating in your thoughts.


You CAN Scale your VA business to 6 figures before hitting burnout…


It’s all about simplifying and systematizing your business.

We’re not about fads or gimmicks around here. Our method uses timeless business principles that have been molded into a relevant framework.

And what makes our framework DIFFERENT is that it’s built specifically for service-based businesses.

We know what it’s like to run a new business while doing “all the things.”

You’re scheduling out discovery calls in the midst of school pick-up, doctor’s appointments, and maybe even juggling a 9-5.

#ItsHard. We know.

That’s why we want to help you build a business that works around your life, instead of living a life that’s constantly working around your business.

And that’s exactly what our framework does.

It’s the blueprint you need to shift from circling the hustle hamster wheel to building a business that consistently turns profits and runs without a hitch (even if you’re out for a 2-week vacay).

The truth is...that kind of business IS possible.

You don’t have to be a workaholic to hit 6 figures in your business, and our goal is to SMASH that myth with our trusted method.

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Imagine life when you can

Quit your 9-5. How would it feel to stop clocking in hours, and focus full-time on your business?

Step out of the day-to-day client work, and step into the true role of a CEO. What if your client work was taken care of so you could focus on the growth and future of your company?

Unplug from your business because you have skilled contractors to delegate to. You thought you couldn’t afford to take a break, but we teach you how to build a trusted team so that you finally can.

Run a business tailored to work around your dream life. You started this business to have flexibility and financial freedom--not so you could feel attached to it 24/7. We’ll teach you how to make more time for the things that matter most to you, without cutting into your monthly income.

In this exclusive webinar we'll cover

Our proven 6-part framework for reaching 6 figures without the hustle and exhaustion.

How to create a scalable, irresistible offer for your ideal clients that allows you to make MORE money while working LESS.

The vital questions every service-based business needs to ask before growing a team.



We’ve developed a simple, reliable system that won’t leave you exhausted and actually WORKS.

Here’s the thing… We know that our framework isn’t for everyone.

And we don’t want you stepping pre-maturely into growing your business. That’s why in order to protect YOU from doing that, you must submit an application to be considered for this private class.

If you feel ready to transform your business model into a sustainable, profit-turning machine that can literally run without you...

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