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Are you ready to start making
10k months and beyond?

Does any of this sound familiar?

Your services are booked out and you’ve been asking yourself… "what’s next?"

You’re stuck in your business. You’ve got the dream clients, but you have no time to even think about scaling!

If you could find the time to scale your business, you wouldn’t know where to start!

You can’t find people to help you. “Outsource,” they say. Sure, but what would you even outsource?

Delegating your client work feels scarier (and like more work) than just doing it yourself.

You want to grow, but you’re exhausted. Vacation? (That’s out of the question--you can barely unplug from client work as it is).

You want success, balance, and growth in your business...but feel maxed out.

Your services are booked out, and you’re living the VA dream. You’re working with the most amazing clients. But there’s a problem…


You can’t even think about growing your business right now because you’re on the hustle hamster wheel every day just keeping up with client work.

Outsourcing? That just sounds like more work. Who has time to manage subcontractors? And if their work isn’t up to’ll just end up having to do the work yourself anyway, right?

You know your business has immense potential. You want to scale...but you’re tired. And you don’t know what the next step is. 

You wish you had someone to coach you through the tell you exactly what you need to do next, and spell it out for you step-by-step. Someone to answer your burning questions, and give you feedback when you need it.


What would it feel like to finally take that vacation you’ve been putting off? To finally unplug from your business after working-hours, because you know everything is taken care of?

Imagine a scalable business that’s optimized for exponential growth.

Picture yourself earning more money than ever before... without sacrificing time with your family, weekends, or your sanity!


What if I told you...

I have a solution that will teach you:

How to create an irresistible, scaleable offer that gets you out of the day-to-day of your business.

How to set up seamless internal systems that will accelerate growth in your company like never before.

Advanced marketing tactics to create virality in your business.

How to select and grow the ideal team so your business can run without you.

How to set up procedures in your business for maximum efficiency (so you get more done in less time).

How to utilize metrics for predictive forecasting, so you can know exactly how many new contractors to hire, how much you’ll need to pay in taxes, and how much you can pay yourself (can you say #UltimateOrganization?).

Introducing the..


An unparalled hybrid model coaching program to

Scale your VA Business to 10k Months and Beyond

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Yolanda Vasquez!
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The SavvyCircle is a unique and brand new
hybrid-coaching program to revolutionize
your business.


    Welcome to the SavvyCircle

    Your Life Journey & Mission

    Your Core Customer

    Systematizing Your Services

    Make Your Offer Irresistable

    Presenting Your Offer

    The Streamlined Onboarding Method

  • Sprint 2: Viral Visibility

    Creating Your Pillar Content

    Next Level Marketing

    Growing Pain Solutions

  • Sprint 3: Building Your Rockstar Team

    Developing Your SOPs

    Hiring For Success

    Never Neglect Culture

    Trash, Transfer, & Trim

  • Sprint 4: Numbers and Forecasting

    Key Performance Indicators

    Establishing a Meeting Rhythm

    Creating Your First Financial Dashboard

Plus these amazing bonuses!


Sales Page Template

Every student receives a fully customizable, done-for-you sales page template to use with SquareSpace!


Org Chart Template

Understand the step by step process that goes into creating an organizational chart. Then use the made for you templates to build your own chart that will help you scale your business.


Financial Dashboards

Taking regular inventory of your business’ finances is super simple with our financial dashboards. They will help you keep your money on track so you can see where you need to scale back and where you can continue to grow.


Automated Client Funnel

There is no guesswork or tech skills required to set up a client funnel that runs on auto-pilot. Every student receives a step-by-step walkthrough of how to set up their automated onboarding process inside of Dubsado, complete with email onboarding templates that will save loads of time!that goes into creating an organizational chart. Then use the made for you templates to build your own chart that will help you scale your business.


Organizational System Templates

Understand the step by step process that goes into creating an organizational chart. Then use the made for you templates to build your own chart that will help you scale your business.


Brand Your Website Masterclass

In this crash course for non-web-designers, Katie Day, our Chief Marketing Officer, will lead you through the 4 main things that make your website reflect your brand personality and will get you PUMPED to tackle your website (AND FINISH IT) in under one hour.

and also...

30min 1:1 Hash-out Session

If you choose our pay-in-full option at checkout, you’ll receive a BONUS 30-min call with a TVS team member or SavvyCircle coach. You can use the call ANYTIME during the program to hash out a specific issue or get additional one-on-one support.

SavvySystem Accesss 

SavvyCircle members get FREE access to our signature course, SavvySystem (a $1000 value). If you’re already a SavvySystem student you will save $1000 on the price of SavvyCircle. 

Live Calls

Experience connection, accountability, feedback, encouragement, and motivation from The Virtual Savvy team and SavvyCircle coaches during our LIVE weekly calls.

Community Support

Our program gives you exclusive access to our private, tight-knit community. Here you’ll find unlimited, on-demand support from our team and other high-level virtual assistants to all your burning questions.

Lowest Price, EVER!

This is your chance to join SavvyCircle at this special founders rate! The price for SavvyCircle will increase, so get it at this price while you can.

There's never been a better time than

More and more businesses are going virtual now than ever before, meaning the demand for virtual assistants is at an all-time high!

Do you really want to leave money on the table?

I mean,

You could wait…

Or even try and figure it out yourself…

But if you had the answers, wouldn’t you have taken the next step already?

You’ve been looking for a solution, and now you’ve found EXACTLY what you were missing.

How do I know if  I'm ready to take this program?

You're ready for this program if:

You can dedicate the next 12 months to optimizing your business for exponential growth.

You want to design a business model that allows your business to run seamlessly without you.

You’re ready to develop a premium, signature offer that allows you to earn more while working less.

You’re ready to implement repeatable systems in your business that will lighten your daily workload.

You want to develop a skillful team of contractors that you can delegate work to.

You’re ready to shift from freelancer to CEO, and step out of the day-to-day client work to focus on the growth and future of your company.

You're NOT ready for this program if:

You just started your business.

You want to live the solopreneur life and wear all the hats in your business. You don’t want a team working under you.

You’re not consistently making $1K-$2k a month in revenue.

You’re not ready to dedicate the next 12 months to focusing intently on growing your business.

You’re testing the waters with this VA stuff--you’re not totally sure if it’s what you want to do five years from now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access?

SavvyCircle members have lifetime access to all video recordings, and 12 months to access the actual coaching and community.

What other products do I have access to?

SavvyCircle members will have access to our signature training, SavvySystem, and receive a discount on our tech-training lab, SavvyVault. (Current SavvySystem students will receive a $1000 discount on SavvyCircle).

What happens when my year is up?

After 12 months, you can still access all video recordings from the program, but you’ll no longer have access to our coaching support. If you would like to continue with coaching support, you will be given the option to renew your membership.

Are there any pre-requisites for joining?

Because SavvyCircle involves such a commitment of time and finances, we screen every applicant to ensure they’re ready to take this step!

We don’t want anyone to go into debt because of our program, which is why we’ve made it a requirement to make a minimum of $1-2K per month in revenue when investing in SavvyCircle.

We want to make sure our members are set up for success from day 1, so we won’t let you move forward if you’re not ready.

Is there a return policy?

There are no refunds or cancellations for this program. You are required to pay all remaining balances in order to complete the program. Additionally, you will be required to sign a contract at purchase agreeing to our no-refund/no cancellation policy.

Is there a discount for current SavvySystem members?

If you are a SavvySystem student, you can email us at [email protected] to receive $1000 off the cost of the program. Your final price would be $3997 for the pay-in-full option or 12 payments of $397.

There is no discount for SavvyVault students.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Just like any business contract which serves to protect YOU and the other party (in this case, The Virtual Savvy), SavvyCircle will require you to sign a contract as well.

We want you to understand the importance of this investment. That’s why we have a contract to clearly define the responsibilities that you’ll have inside the program, as well as the responsibilities that we (The Virtual Savvy) have in delivering the program.

If you have any questions about our terms and conditions, please reach out to us directly at [email protected]

Do I get 1:1 Support?

You’ll have direct access to The Virtual Savvy team and coaches for support within the private Facebook community.

We also have live weekly calls where you can get 1:1 feedback on your assignments. Additionally, we host a monthly call specifically for your “sprint” so you can receive support with coursework and assignments.

It all comes down to

You can stay on the hustle hamster wheel, burning the midnight oil and working through your weekends and vacation days.


You can steal my tried-and-tested framework that has helped 1000s of other virtual assistants grow their dream business.

Where do you want your business to be one year from now? Or five years from now?

Do you have a plan to get there?


Scale Your VA Business to 10k Months and Beyond


Enroll NOW