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This series has ended.

Start the school year off right!

You know you were made for more than clocking into a job you hate. Join us for a FREE crash course and accelerate your track to the freedom life.

During this free training, you will learn

The top skills clients are willing to pay for today

How to replace your income with only 4 clients

Top 3 places to find paying clients for your new business


This Training Is For You If You Want:

A flexible, stay at home career

The ability to work the hours you want

The ability to create a sustainable and scalable business

The radical choice to live the VA Freedom Life

It’s an intensive training combining THOUSANDS of hours of research and years of experience in growing a virtual assistant business… PLUS, you’ll learn from a coach who’s already helped over 5,000 students launch and grow their own business from SCRATCH.


Meet the instructors


Abbey Ashley

7-figure VA, and mother of 2

I’m the founder of The Virtual Savvy and I help aspiring virtual assistants launch and grow their own at-home business from scratch! I started my own VA business in 2016, and doubled the salary from my full-time corporate job while working only 20 hours a week (and I did it in just 30 days)!

I’ve since grown a  multiple seven-figure business and retired my husband…ALL from my at-home business! It's now my passion to help others start their own VA business so they can taste the freedom and flexibility of entrepreneurship.


rachel dorsey

6-figure VA, and mom of 3

I started my VA journey in 2017. When I joined the SavvySystem.

I went from offering simple social media services to offering full Executive Virtual Assistance packages in a matter of 6 months by working the SavvySystem and learning new skills and platforms. I later joined the TVS Team in October 2018 as the Executive Assistant. My role has changed several times, and I am currently the Senior Director of Product!


You know you were created for more than clocking into a job you hate. Now you can have a purposeful, thriving career that you’re actually excited about. One that doesn’t require you to work through your kids field trips and lunch dates. Now you can be the parent that says “yes,” without compromising your family’s finances. It’s all possible through virtual assistance.

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Start the school year off right!

This series has ended.