Track your progress and celebrate your milestones inside the SavvySystem!

Reward Process

How to

Each time you reach a new milestone in the SavvySystem, mark it off on your “gameboard” and celebrate with us! Start by filling out the designated form to let us know about your win, and once it’s viewed by our team we’ll help you claim your reward.

Launch Club

Milestones that will happen in the launch phase of your business before landing your first client.

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Savvy Badge

You joined the SavvySystem! We'll celebrate this new chapter of your life with your first Savvy Badge!

Bold badge

This badge celebrates your boldness for sharing your personal outreach template! You also get a brand new TVS Shirt!

creativity Badge

You get a badge for branding your business!

legit Badge

This is to celebrate that you’ve registered your company and are officially a LEGIT business.

Badge 2

Boss Club

You’ve landed your FIRST client! Do we even have to explain how AMAZING this is?! This badge unlocks the BOSS club, and comes with Boss Club merch!

$2k Month, 5k Month, $10k Month - Each of these incredible income milestones unlocks new SavvySwag. Fill out the forms below to share your screenshots and claim your merch!

BeBold Shirt
Bag 1

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my badges for?

They’re for you to share and celebrate your wins (both big AND small)! Post them on your socials and inside the SavvySystem community!


How do I use the game board?

Get as creative as you want! As you work through the SavvySystem you can track your progress by marking off spaces on the board. You can:

  • Post your gameboard on your wall
  • Share it on social media to show off your progress
  • Add stickers
  • Highlight
  • Do whatever you wish! We want you to celebrate all the milestones on your VA journey!


What if I go out of order?

Each milestone on the gameboard is in the order that it’s taught within the SavvySystem. We recommend going in order inside of the SavvySystem, but we also understand this journey looks different for everyone. That’s why we want you to celebrate the milestones as they happen, and go back to the ones you might have missed along the way.


Where do I find my game board?

You can find your gameboard on this page, or click HERE to download your launch club gameboard.


What is the boss club?

The boss club is for VAs in the phases of growing and scaling their businesses. These milestones are based on income goals!

How do I claim my Savvy Swag?

On this page, you can find links to each of the forms you need for the milestone you’re celebrating. To claim your merch, you will complete the form for that milestone and submit proof that the milestone is complete. After submitting the form, a member of The Virtual Savvy team will review your submission and, if approved, you will receive an email with a code to claim your SavvySwag!


What type of proof do I need to submit to claim my free merch?

Screenshots of a sent email, document, or social post will work! You are welcome to blur/blackout any sensitive information. 


Can I claim more than one prize at a time?

YES! You will have to fill out separate forms for each milestone you’re submitting for your SavvySwag. For example, if you land your first client and your first $2k month, you will fill out each of those relevant forms separately. 


Why do I need approval for SavvySwag?

The SavvySwag is to celebrate YOUR progress. This is just a way to hold you accountable as you’re reaching each milestone by making sure you’ve completed them! 


How do I unlock the Boss Club Board?

Once you land that first paying client and submit the first client form, you can unlock the Boss Club, all the Boss Club benefits, and SavvySwag opportunities that come with it!


I live outside of the US, is it possible to receive SavvySwag in my country, or is it only for US students?

Yes, SavvySwag is available to the majority of our international SavvySystem students! There are a few exceptions. You can view an updated list of countries we do not ship to here.  Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any problems redeeming your code.