Our mission at The Virtual Savvy is to provide a flexible work solution for those who need it.


We fully acknowledge, however, that women across the world don't have the privilege to carve their own path.


At The Virtual Savvy, we have been able to empower thousands of our students to dream bigger and reach financial stability through virtual assistance, and now we’re GIVING BACK to empower women and children in Eastern Europe through our giving partner, Convoy of Hope.

Through Convoy of Hope, we’ve helped the Roma community in Bulgaria get access to clean drinking water and laundry facilities.

What used to take these women an entire day of walking back and forth to a water source, now takes them just a few steps right within their own community.

Children who used to be turned away from school for having dirty clothes, can now stay and learn.


The Virtual Savvy has committed to donate a portion of our revenue each year to feeding programs, clean water projects, and more through our partnership with Convoy of Hope.