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How to Hire Your First Virtual Assistant

Are you ready to hire your first virtual assistant? How do you know? CAN you know?

About a two months ago we announced that we were hiring.

We had two open positions and I was so excited to find the right fit.

And then the applications started coming in…

and coming in…

and coming in…

Before we knew it – we had over 2,500 applications for the two positions we had available.

Talk about a hiring NIGHTMARE. I mean – exciting that we had so many people to choose from, but INSANE how many applications we (aka MeLisa) had to go through!

If it weren’t for my amazing COO, MeLisa, I don’t believe we would have ever gotten through them.

Want to know the secret for how we got through the applications?

Not only that… but how we found the PERFECT fit for our team?

I’m going to break it ALL down for you in this super-epic hiring post: How to HIRE your first Virtual Assistant.