Convertkit vs. Mailchimp vs. MailerLite (The Ultimate Email Showdown)

Are you ready to start building an email list? If so, you’re probably wondering which email service provider is best for you.

Three of the most popular email service providers for small to medium-sized lists include ConvertKit, MailChimp, and MailerLite. After growing my own list from 300 to nearly 100,000 subscribers, I’ve learned quite a bit about each of these platforms. In my blog post today I’m going to be breaking them all done so you can figure out which will work best for your business!

Check out my video below where I give you my breakdown of Convertkit vs. Mailchimp vs. MailerLite. 

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Why you should build an email list for your VA business early on

Growing an email list is one of the best tips I have for online business owners.

I don’t care if you are just starting out or if your mom is your only email subscriber. It is SO important to just. get. started.

My business really evolved as my email list grew.

When I was just starting out in my business, I didn’t have much of an audience to sell anything to. That’s why I started my business by offering services (exchanging my time for money).

The REAL reason I teach people how to become virtual assistants is because I’m such a huge fan of starting an online business by offering services.

However, building an email list was still important to me even when I was offering services.

Once I had 1,000 email subscribers, I was able to launch my first online course.

I made $8,000 in a week launching that online course, which was The VA Bootcamp.

I have since grown that course to serve 1,600+ students.

Now, my email list is over 30,000 members.

My email list growth enabled my business income to grow. I’m able to support myself and I retired my husband. I also have four full-time staff members on my team.

When people ask me, “Abbey, how was this done?” I always attribute my growth back to my email list. If you have a product (like I did) but you don’t have people to purchase it, then you’re not going to sell anything or make any money.

Basically, building an audience of people who know, like and trust you is one of the best things you can do for your business.

Which Email Service Provider is Right for Me?

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty about which email service provider is best for you.


I’m a huge fan of ConvertKit, and ConvertKit is actually the email service provider that I use. 

There are several reasons why I really love ConvertKit.

Segments and Tags

I really love the way that I’m able to subdivide my list and can break my list apart by different tags.

My list can have different segments. I can send emails just to some people and not to others. If I have somebody going through a welcome sequence, I can make sure that my current emails don’t also go to the people in that specific sequence.

The way that ConvertKit is organized really works with my brain, and I can get super specific about who is receiving my emails.


I love the way ConvertKit has their sequences laid out.

I have an entire email series that my new subscribers receive and that is actually how I make a lot of the money inside of The Virtual Savvy.  This email sequence eventually sells my online course and this has enabled me to make passive income (that elusive thing we’ve all heard about).

Yes, it took a lot of time and energy to build the email list to get the traffic coming in, but once I had it, those sequences pretty much do the work for me and now I can make money on autopilot.

There are still more reasons why I really love ConvertKit. 😉

Click here to read 10 reasons why I love ConvertKit.


One of the things they tout is a simpler email structure which results in better deliverability.

Now, I don’t know if this is true (I’ve never analyzed the data behind it), but I personally have never had an issue with my deliverability.

I DO know that my emails arrive in people’s inbox, they arrive on time, they arrive consistently, and they get really good open rates.

My personal experience is that I’ve used ConvertKit the entire time from 300 subscribers to that 30,000 mark. My deliverability has been consistent, so I can definitely vouch for that, at least from my own personal experience. 🙂


I also really love how quickly they became GDPR-compliant. It was really, really easy to set up the GDPR-compliant measures, and there’s even an entire blog post on their website that teaches you exactly how to do this inside of ConvertKit. 

Pro-Content Creators

ConvertKit is best for content creators and bloggers.

If you have a lot of visual products you want to show off in your emails, then ConvertKit probably isn’t for you.

However, for someone like me who just sends out really good meaty content inside of my emails, it has been really, really awesome. I totally recommend ConvertKit. 

ConvertKit does cost money. Whenever you put money into something, you’re going to value it more. So I recommend investing in ConvertKit as soon as you can.

However, if you’re just wanting to get started, you need a free tool.


I started with MailChimp before I switched to ConvertKit. I really think that MailChimp is still an awesome option for people who are just starting to build an email list.

It’s Free

MailChimp is really awesome, mostly because you can have up to 2,000 people on your email list totally FOR FREE. I think that is a really incredible feature about MailChimp.

Visual Builder

MailChimp is super visual, so if you love those beautifully designed emails, I would recommend going with MailChimp.

It works really well for people with physical products, too. You can have a picture of your product and a button underneath that links directly to your online store to purchase the product.

Drag and Drop

One of the things that I loved about MailChimp was their easy drag-and-drop features. You can literally drag an image (if you want an image inside the email), and drop it in the spot you want it.

If you want a button here, or a block of text there, you literally drag and drop the elements into your email.

They also have so many templates available for you that you can choose so you don’t have to recreate something all on your own. You can just design your email with one of their standard templates.

About a year ago, I probably would have just talked about MailChimp and ConvertKit because they are my two favorite email service providers.

However, since that time, a new email service provider has come onto the scene that is gaining a lot of attention, so I want to put it out there for you, as well!


Benefits of MailerLite

I’m seeing more and more people choose MailerLite over MailChimp.

When you are first getting started building an email list, MailerLite is free up to 1,000 subscribers. It’s very user-friendly, easy to use, and you can get started right away.

Now I’ve also heard people say that segmentation (one of those features that ConvertKit has) is also a lot easier inside of MailerLite.

And one of the things I REALLY love (I’m always a big fan when a business does this) is the live chat support.

So if you do need help, that live support is available right away with MailerLite.

Email FaceOff: Which is Best?

So if you’re wanting my recommendation on ConvertKit vs. MailChimp vs. MailerLite, my recommendation is ….


drum roll…


If you have less than 1,000 email subscribers, you should definitely go with MailChimp or MailerLite.

The awesome thing is that you can try out both of these systems for free (Remember: MailChimp gives you 2,000 subscribers for free; MailerLite gives you 1,000 subscribers for free).

Test them out, see which one works best for you, see which one fits your personality, which one seems the most user-friendly to you, and then go from there.

AND if you do have over 1,000 email subscribers, I totally recommend switching to ConvertKit.

They have tons of information on their website about how to get started. They have training webinars consistently, and they have an awesome online Facebook community that you can ask and get questions answered quickly.

Being a member of ConvertKit has really been inspiring and has helped me stay focused on email marketing.

So if you are really serious about email marketing, check out ConvertKit. 

Want more email marketing?

If you want more training on email marketing, we have an Email Marketing 101 course inside of our The SavvyVault.

In fact, we have nearly 40 tech courses, including courses like ConvertKit and MailChimp, in addition to courses like Pinterest Management, Trello, and Canva. AND you can get access to all of these courses for just $47 a month!

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