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Community Manager Job Description (WORK AT HOME!)

Looking to add Community Management to your list of services (or just wondering what is an actual community manager job description!?)

You’re in the right place, sister.

I’ve been training virtual assistants for years now and for the most part, I tell my students to start out with “general” services.

Those would include things like data entry, simple graphics, social media scheduling, appointment setting, inbox management, etc.

But every once in a while, y’all get zealous (and I LOVE IT).

If you’ve been wanting to add more HIGH-END services to your repertoire…  a community management job could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Do you love getting to know new people and getting them engaged?

Do you love to get creative with graphics and ‘catchy’ content?

Does putting the details of an event together sound exciting?

If the extroverted side of you feels like you are exploding into 1000 pieces of shiny glitter right now,  a community manager job is something that you really need to look into!  Let’s jump in!