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Learn the Tech and Level Up Your Services (Inside SavvyVault)

Do you ever feel STUCK in your business?  Like your time is stretched thin and clients keep coming in that just don’t value your worth? Maybe you want to scale your business but you just don’t know what to do next? If you’re answering “ YES” over there – I have just the thing for…

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Legally Cover Your Virtual Assistant Business

Get ready for the best virtual assistant legal advice you’ve ever received. *Ta-da!* I’m super excited to be sharing with you today an interview with my friend Danielle Liss from Businessese. Danielle is an attorney who’s passion is to help online entrepreneurs navigate the legal side of their business. Danielle has spoken at dozens of…

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Choose a name for your Virtual Assistant business… TODAY!

Does anyone else feel like naming your business is a bit like naming your child? Seriously – you read all the books. You have a list. You go over your “favorites” with those you love. You go back and forth until you almost drive yourself crazy with this major decision. This is totally how it…

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Sell Out Your Services as a Virtual Assistant

There’s nothing I love more than a good “Success Story”. It’s why I’m a sucker for those weight loss shows and Shark Tank stories. They just make you feel good inside, right? Let me tell you, though – the BEST success stories come from the people that I work with directly. Here’s some of the…

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Create A DIY Logo Using Canva

If you’ve known me for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard me sing the praises of Canva at least once or twice. I seriously love it. I’ve always had that “eye for design” but have never really been trained on more extensive programs like Photoshop or InDesign. Enter – Canva. This online program allows you to…

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50 Services to Offer as a Virtual Assistant

Do you know what services you can offer as a virtual assistant? Just the other day I got offered a gig to be a ghostwriter for a big-name blogger (eek!). Not only will my writing be published in front of some major audiences (I’m talking 10,000+ views a DAY), this opportunity was given to me…

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How to Set Your Rates as a Virtual Assistant

When you first launch your Virtual Assistant business, there are 1,000 different questions to answer. It’s an exciting time, but, let’s be honest. It can be craaaazy confusing too, right? So let’s tackle one of the BIG questions I get asked often. You know you’re thinking it, too… How much should I charge for my…

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