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Virtual Assistant Pricing: Hourly vs. Packages

Confused about your virtual assistant pricing? The other day I asked a question in the Virtual Assistant Savvies Facebook group that sparked a TON of conversation. Here’s what I asked: TRUE OR FALSE: Packages are ALWAYS better than hourly rates. I got more responses than I EVER expected. Here’s what people were saying…

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8 Email Tricks to Save You Time

Do you need helpful email tricks to save you time and your sanity? There are two types of people in this world. There is the individual who navigates through their emails with fervent determination. He has organized folders and you are sure you will receive a response within hours of sending him an email. There…

Are You Ready to Go Virtual?

Have you ever thought about hiring a virtual assistant? Are you a small business owner who is struggling to accomplish all of your daily tasks? Do you feel like your time would be more worthwhile if you could “pass on” some of the time-consuming tasks you do on a daily basis and focus on the big…


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